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We have decades of experience in a range of martial arts disciplines and fighting styles.



All of our styles have classes that cater for beginners through to professionals.

We get it – trying out a new club or new style can be a big step, so we pride ourselves on have a great, inclusive culture.

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integrity style bjj


Highly efficient grappling using position control and leverage to submit opponents wearing a gi.

integrity style combatives


Multiple modules in combative styles by certified instructors in Floro Fighting Systems, Filipino martial arts and Kinetic Fighting Integrated Combat (KEF-IC).


integrity style mma



A combination of styles including kickboxing, boxing and submission grappling styles.

integrity style muay thai


Known as ‘the art of 8 limbs’ Muay Thai is a full combat style using hands, elbows, knees and shins for maximum impact and efficiency.

integrity style no gi


Submission wrestling without the use of a gi. Techniques, grips, strategies and movement are adapted and streamlined.

integrity style kids


Self Defence


Formerly called The Minions, the kids classes are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu based, with also a junior version of Integrity Combatives.

Our reviews

Integrity Martial Arts has a happy and very welcoming atmosphere. A great place to train and learn for adults and children.

I can’t recommend them highly enough!

– Matthew Bordignon

Craig is an amazing instructor!

Kind, fantastic with kids, patient and very knowledgeable. Best martial arts centre around with a very welcoming atmosphere.

– Kate Tay

Great instruction, with a mountain of knowledge.

– Justin Qubrosi

Great, friendly culture. Fun and engaging environment.

I train and compete under head coach Craig. Highly recommend Integrity for Martial Arts training and a positive environment.

– Jack Veselovski

Great gym, great coach, fantastic learning environment. No ego training...I like it!

– Michael Strawman

I have been training with Craig at integrity for just over a year now and I can't recommend it more highly, friendly, great instruction and awesome culture,

I'll be an intergrmaniac for life!

– Trent Richardson

Train any combination of styles in a relaxed atmosphere and discover the benefits martial arts training can have on your life.

..And most importantly – have fun!

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