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Last night after training BJJ gi and no-gi grappling, we had our BJJ Advanced crew turn up to help me surprise Bryan Arber with his well-earned blue belt.

Bryan is also a black belt in traditional Jiu Jitsu and years of experience in other martial arts too. Bryan was doing most of the BJJ, kickboxing and Integrity Combatives for a year or two and then with normal life and work commitments, dropped back to a once a week membership for 2 years.

Bryan is one of the reasons we've kept the Base 6 membership offer over the last year.

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Yep, life stuff and training can still exist together and achieve goals – even when acknowledging the journey is longer. I’m also proof of that with a lot of 'life stuff' happening during the 20 years to my BJJ black belt, I still thought I needed another year.

Train for longevity, train because it’s a awesome challenge, and train with Integrity! Well done Bryan you legend!!

Train any combination of styles in a relaxed atmosphere and discover the benefits martial arts training can have on your life.

..And most importantly – have fun!

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