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Probably not enough words I could put here to describe the feeling of wrapping a fresh blue belt around the waist of Natalie tonight.

I remember clearly her first lesson in late 2016 of her focus and intent to follow every piece of instruction of the night. Straight away Nat was so coachable, and her character traits tick every box of what think make a truly wonderful, well respected and well loved Integrimaniac.

Natalie has not only kept progressing technically this year each side of lockdown, but also continues to train hard with all the BJJ coloured belts and no gi grappling crew, and if say get to MMA and bring her gloves she’s there. When she’s grappled to exhaustion with some serious beasts and someone looks at her for just one more roll, Nat’s there.

Humble, stoic, resilience, courteous, and yet the toughness and grit of the warrior woman she’s become and will continue her growth both on and off the mat.

Thank you Natalie for entrusting me to guide your journey, and to Matt Cookson, Wayne Comyn, Asha Duggan and all the Integrimaniacs for all the time shared with Nat gaining, honing and pressure testing together. Couldn’t be prouder as couch and friend for this wonder woman.

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..And most importantly – have fun!

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